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Hot Picnic

Secret Garden Embellished Socks - Pack of 4

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  • Our beautifully embroidered socks are unisex and flatter your feet no matter your gender. Step up your style and ooze glimmer. Whether you're in a trousers at work or relaxing in jeans, these ankle socks look great for any occasion.

  • Wear the four seasons through a choice of color and beading -
  • Hibuscus Red Summer
  • Lily Orange Autumn
  • Night Blue Winter
  • Aurora Green Spring
  • Each sequin and bead is carefully sewed on in our studio. Do exercise a bit of caution when pulling these on - If put on gently they will last years! It is not advised to use these during gymming, jogging or swimming.

  • Like everything in our shop, these socks are made to order and will ship out in 7-10 days after being freshly embroidered for you on standard ready made Dynamo socks that are -
  • - Super-soft combed cotton with perfect stretch, comfort and breathability 
  • - Treated with Silver Nanotechnology to keep feet odor-free and fresh all day
  • - With a quality cuff to minimise slippage and gives a superior hold all day long, without being tight on the leg
  • - Reinforced in the heel and toe to give durability without the added bulk

  • These socks make an amazing gift for your friends, co-workers, mom, dad, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband and the list goes on - gift them these and watch them adore you even more. These are our versatile champs and star sellers!
  • Composition: 85% Combed Cotton. 12% Spandex, 2% Elastic