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Hot Picnic

Monika Forsberg Peacock T-shirt Collab

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Inspired by the mesmerizing art of Monika Forsberg, realised by Hot Picnic in this intricately beaded t-shirt.

Peacocks symbolise renewal and beauty, and are sacred in some cultures. They resurrect their feathers every year, leaving behind iridescent souvenirs for walkers to pick up. They are used as talismans to ward off evil, and their feathers used in healing rituals.

Monika is a freelance Illustrator born and raised in Luleå, a coastal town in Swedish Lapland. These days she lives in London, England. Her work has been described as playful technicolor fantasies. Being an illustrator she says, is the best job of them all. 

  • Powder pink, hand-dyed premium cotton
  • Multi-colored embroidery
  • Back neck button closure
  • Model is wearing size small